welcome to my commissions page! thanks for considering me and my art!

now until the end of june i am offering $10 pride themed icons and 15% off all pride themed commissions! happy pride!

i am a freelance digital graphic designer and illustrator. my area of interest is character design, logo design, anthro and feral art and human art.to inquire about a commission, please fill out the form below:

add ons
shading: +$5
add character: +$10
simple background: +$5
complex character: +$5-10

head bust: $15
waist up: $20
full body: $30
chibi fully body: $15
simple ref sheet: $45
detailed ref sheet: $65

custom requests are highly encouraged! :3

i can do:
furry feral and anthro
other organic species
nudity (dm for examples)
NSFW (dm for examples)

i won’t do:
illegal content
extreme fetish/NSFW

terms of service:all payments are handled through paypal or venmo.
payment plans can be provided (half up front, half upon completion before delivery of un-watermarked finished product), full payment up front is encouraged.
i do not haggle or barter on prices.
prices are firm, and i reserve the right to up-charge for multiple revisions, complex characters, rush orders, etc. at my own discretion.
i will give an estimate of my expected schedule for your commission based on my availability at that time.
turnaround times may vary.
no refunds if work has already been started on your commission.
i reserve the right to refuse service at any time, for any reason.
harassment, hate speech, etc. will not be tolerated and you will be blocked and blacklisted from my services if you contact me with any negativity.

tysm for checking me out! :)